Digital Marketing Analysis of (now rebranded as Veesko) and associated with  has been doing well in the luxury accommodation, travel, and hospitality industry for years now and we are going to look into what they are doing that kept at the top of the luxury accommodation search results.

This will be a short report and an eye opener, and we are going to look into the following things;

What they are doing right and things you should do for your SEO efforts.
What other things you can do in order to compete successfully with them and surpass them in the search results.

Going to Google search and typing “luxury accommodations” shows this popular luxury and accommodation blog at position number 1.

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Now, when you check the monthly search volume you realized it has a total of 1100 searches for last month.

And this is just for the term “luxury accommodations” alone without any paid advertising.

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Moreso, it is ranking #1 in other luxury and accommodation keywords such as “luxury accommodation”, high-end accommodation”, and even misspellings of the first keywords like “luxury accomodations, and “luxury accomodation.

All these keywords also have good monthly search volumes.

Moving forward, let’s check other keywords this site is ranking #1 in Google for

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It even ranked #1 for variations and misspelling of “luxury accommodations”.

Looking at the search volume we can notice they still don’t have huge search volumes on them as most of them are having a search volume of 10-70.

This shows there is still room for competition.

Come to think of it, people are damn impatient and usually don’t venture as far as Google’s second page.

So what are the things are doing to dominate their search terms and get this top ranking result?

Let’s find out by going to their site –

On coming to their site you are met with a minimalist type of site with big and bold featured pictures of the articles.

Nice Features

Large Feature Pictures – This instantly attracts the eye to click and read more of the post.

Minimalist design – There is a lot of white space and it helps to focus visitor attention to the content.

Fixed Sidebar Menu – This is good for easy navigation through the site

Links to Social Profiles – This is above the fold and good for getting visitors to follow them on social media.

Advert Widget – They places an advert widget within easy reach of their site visitors and above the fold too.

Missing Features

Email Subscription form – Very crucial for repeat visits and marketing purposes.

Testimonials – They should have placed testimonials above the fold to build trust for first-time visitors.

Clear unique selling proposition (USP) – On the first-time visit, nothing is there to show you if you are really in the right place. You have to navigate around a bit before you got what the site is all about. People are impatient these days and would just hit the back button.

Clear call to action – The site needs to direct people to a specific action they need to take next, once they land on their homepage.

Is This Site Mobile Responsive?

These days, people search and browse the internet on the go with their mobile and therefore the strong need for websites to be mobile responsive so that mobile users can get good experience surfing your website.

Even Google has made it a mandatory criterion of ranking websites.

The above picture shows the site when viewed on an iPhone 6 and is mobile friendly.

The only little issue is the “Advert Widget” which didn’t align properly.

Also, there is still no email subscription form, no testimonials, no clear unique selling proposition (USP), and no clear call to action, in the mobile version of the site.

These missing features matter a lot and could help with a higher conversion from website visitors.

Is This Site Fast Enough?

We will be using this nice web service, to check the site page load speed of

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As we can see it has a load time speed of 2.42sec which is poor because it is considered that anything above 2 seconds is too long for an average visitor’s patience.

And someone viewing the site with a mobile device may not get an optimum user experience due to slow speed.

Checking the site on Google developers page insight gives us a not so good result. (

But it also shows us what needs to be done for good optimization of the site.

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From the above pictures, we realize that the site needs to

  • Optimize and compress its images
  • Move Javascript and CSS codes down to the footer
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minify the HTML and CSS codes

This may sound like a herculean task but it can be done in little or no time by an experienced web developer.

Moving forward, let’s check to see if there are any technical issues in the website structure

Is The Website Structure Good?

Let’s look into this with an awesome tool called “ScreamingFrog Software”. With this software, we can crawl any website’s URLs and fetch key on site elements which we will use to analyze onsite SEO.

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Looking at the red highlights in the above picture, you can see that the website needs some boost in SEO for the following reasons;

  • Missing Page Titles
  • Page titles exceeding 75 characters
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Meta descriptions exceeding 156 characters
  • Missing Meta Keywords
  • Missing Heading one (H1)
  • Duplicate heading one (H1)
  • Heading one (H1) exceeding 70 characters

And some others

You should know that all these really affect the on page SEO and traffic and once addressed, there will be a boost in website rankings.


Where Do They Get Their Traffic?

Let’s look into that and find out

Social Media Traffic –

Luxury Accommodations blog site is really active on social networks with a good presence on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

You should know that social signals are also a criterion Google checks so they did a good job here in having an active presence on these social media sites.

Social Media activity can boost a site, and build brand awareness, trust and when targeted properly can lead to organic luxury accommodation leads.

Offsite Search Engine Optimation (SEO) –

Offsite SEO is majorly focused on getting quality backlinks to your site. That’s other websites creating links to your posts, homepage or other pages in your site.

Also the authority of the website you got a backlink from matters a lot because not all links are created equal. We will find out soon.

As you already know, backlinks are a major factor when Google ranks a website in the search results.

We will be using Majestic SEO for this because of its clear and graphical rendering of the results. (

From the picture below we can see that has over 60,800 links pointing to it from over 3,600 domain names

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But we can’t see any educational or governmental site pointing to it yet.

This is really needed because links from educational, and governmental sites are highly regarded by Google because of the authority and trust those websites possess.

Well, let’s look into the trust flow of links pointing to the site and see how good they are.

We will be using SemRush for this…

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On looking at the picture above we can see that the trust flow of the referring backlinks is not that strong.

The trust flow of a domain is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 and the backlinks we have here are not even up to half of a 100.

Now, coming to the aspect of the most used anchor links which is also very vital to search engines when considering a domain, we have the picture below.

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As you can see from what Majestic SEO showed us, they are mostly linked using “luxuryaccommodations” and the below picture also went further to tell us that their images receive the most links which are quite understandable since they usually use large, sharp, and captivating images in their posts.

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In Conclusion of Our Analysis

We can see that there is still more room for serious improvements. Here is a breakdown of what they did right and what needs to be improved.

What they Got Right –

  • Large, sharp and captivating pictures
  • Minimalist design style
  • Fixed sidebar menu
  • Social Media profiles links
  • Advert Widget above the fold
  • Mobile responsive
  • Active engagement on Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook

What They Missed –

  • Email subscription form
  • Testimonials
  • Clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Clear Call to Action
  • Website load time speed not fast enough
  • Missing Page Titles
  • Page titles exceeding 75 characters
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Meta descriptions exceeding 156 characters
  • Missing Meta Keywords
  • Missing Heading one (H1)
  • Duplicate heading one (H1)
  • Heading one (H1) exceeding 70 characters

So, if this luxury accommodation website is your direct competitor, competing and outranking this site is possible if you can address these issues listed above.

Sincerely, it will be best handled by SEO experts like us if you need to rank your luxury accommodation website at the top of the search results.

Contact us today for a free website auditing video of your own website and put an integrated SEO/marketing strategy in motion that can surpass the result is presently having.

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