State Of Industry Luxury Fishing Resorts British Columbia

Wondering How You Can Get More Fishing Clients to Your Luxury Fishing Resort In British Columbia?

If you own or operate a luxury fishing resort in British Columbia you will be interested in the state of the industry luxury fish resorts ranking I have published.

Below is the ranking of luxury fishing resorts in British Columbia in the Google search results. The table shows the number of website backlinks, Facebook followers, and Twitter followers each fishing charter and resort have on their website.

As you can see there is some correlation between the total number of links and followers to ranking higher in the search results but the largest number does not always rank first. This could be due to several on page factors including proper title tags, internal linking, content and many other on-site ranking factors.  Other factors could include off-site SEO. All backlinks are not created equal. That is why you see some sites ranking well with a lot fewer backlinks than other sites.


Ranking                             Website                              Backlinks    Facebook    Twitter     Total



If you are interested in getting more clients for your luxury fishing resort then ranking your website should be a priority for you. Over 80% of all fishing charter bookings now are booked online and less than 5% of searchers go past the first page.

At Coffeeola we specialize in reverse engineering luxury resort websites to see why they are ranking well. Once we know the formula that Google is looking for we can apply this information to any luxury fishing resort website. Resulting in higher website ranking leading to more website traffic and  paying clients.

For an in-depth consultation on your luxury resort website contact us or fill out the form on contact page today.

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