Targeting Low Competition Keywords For Luxury Boutique Hotel Owners That Generate Better ROI Than Adwords, Map Pack and Facebook Ads

Are You A Luxury Boutique Hotel Owner That Pays 20% Or More Of Your Profit to Google Adwords And Booking Sites?


In the ever competitive world of luxury accommodations, niche luxury boutique hotel owners are trying to find the competitive advantage.

SEO marketing, Google Adwords, Google Map pack,  Social media marketing are all genuine concerns for an owner or manager of a luxury hotel. And didgital marketing is not inexpensive, often taking more than 20% of profit margins or more right from the bottom line.

What Is The Solution For The High Cost of SEO Marketing?

Ranking for low competition keywords. Low competition keywords are often a three word or more phrase or a new trend started by social media.

Often the keyword goes unnoticed by the competition leaving you a rare opportunity to attract more clients at a lower cost.

At Coffeeola we track these keywords and target the low hanging fruit to increase the ROI of boutique hotel operators.

But Who Has The Time For This When You Have A Boutique Hotel To Operate?

At Coffeeola we understand that most hotel owners don’t have time to monitor their Adword campaign or their organic search rankings in

We also know that researching keywords will make your eye roll up in your head and exclaim “get to the point!”

Ok, here is the point.

After doing some keyword research we have found a much better keyword than “luxury hotel” or boutique hotel” that will generate a better ROI on your digital marketing campaign.

Targeting this keyword for your luxury hotel will lower your overall digital marketing strategy substantially.

What Is This Keyword You Ask? 

Luxury Escapes – this keyword has eclipsed boutique hotel and luxury hotel search since 2014 and continues to climb in search volume.

boutique hotel luxury hotel luxury escapes

After doing some more keyword research you will see that keywords using luxury escapes has very little Adwords, Map pack or organic search result competition.

Here is an example of a very competitive luxury hotel market. Bangkok. Notice there are few ads, no  Map pack and little organic search competition.

luxury escapes bangkok

As a hotel luxury owner, the time to target this profitable keyword is now before your competition starts to realize the potential of this growing keyword.

Coffeeola is a digital marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing for luxury accommodations and can help you create a strategy to rank on the first page of google  for luxury escapes.

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